CMDR WayOwenZ will be hosting a weekly Anti-Xeno night every Wednesday 18:00 (6pm) Pacific Time (GMT-7)

What you need to know:

We will be meeting at the ASTEROPE Nav Beacon, Only commanders that are at the Nav Beacon on time will be invited to party to keep comm’s Clear and Clean. Late comers may be invited by contacting anyone in Hunting party.

Party will be made public and all are welcome to join after 20:00 (8pm) for general debrief, Discussion and the team will be happy to field questions from any aspiring Xeno-Hunters.

The Target Threat level will be adjusted depending on the hunting party’s size, skill and general confidence (We understand the rebuy on the Threat Level 6+ Farming ships are extremely high and some new players may want to “Limp” into the experience)

There is no Minimum ship requirements as we can always just hunt scouts for Rank if there are newcomers, This is not a “Grind” Group, This is a “Fun” Group. Role Players are welcome, be aware there may be people not RP’ing but that always makes for interesting conversations.

Its time to kick some tires and light some fires Commanders o7

Sign up is not required and to get involved just join us on our Discord or Contact CMDR WayOwenZ

Originally posted 2019-09-28 04:24:43.