*Pilots Federation ALERT*
This is an emergency bulletin to alert independent pilots that kidnappers are operating in the vicinity of the HR 6828 system.
The Pilots Federation has received reports of untrustworthy offers being made to Commanders who recently obtained their pilot’s licence.
These involve the owners of Drake-class fleet carriers enticing a pilot to outfit their ship for mining operations, before docking with the larger vessel. It then makes a series of jumps, to a distant star system over 800 light years away, taking the docked ship with it.
The Commander is encouraged to work on mining hotspots in order to produce income for the fleet carrier. However, their own ship’s limited jump range means they are effectively marooned, and reliant upon the fleet carrier to be returned to their starting system.
All pilots are therefore advised to beware of hails directing them to HR 6828 or systems in that area. It is also important to exercise extreme caution when docking with any fleet carrier whose owner is unknown.
The Pilots Federation has requested that this bulletin be shared by all members across public channels. It has also been distributed to major newsfeeds including The Alliance Tribune, The Federal Times, The Imperial Herald and Vox Galactica.