*Pilots Federation ALERT*
The values of combat bonds and anti-xeno bonds have been increased, as factions focus on bolstering defences.
Financial instability and the current political tensions have led to factions upscaling their rewards for combat bonds, as well as bonds received for destroying Thargoid vessels.
These increases to anti-xeno and combat bonds will be in effect across Alliance, Federal, Imperial and independent space. They can be processed as usual at any starport offering the relevant services.
This follows a turbulent period in many marketplaces that has impacted commodity prices, as well as producing a boost to the value of bounty vouchers.
The changes were remarked upon by Professor Ophelia Kaufmann, head of economics at Orion Independent University:
“As anticipated, the ongoing volatility of financial markets has led to further widespread revaluation. With heightened hostility between the Empire and the Federation, coupled with terrorist attacks and a resurgence in Thargoid activity, it is hardly surprising that every faction now places a greater premium on protecting their citizens.”
“Although some may view the current tranche of changes as inevitable or overdue, there may well be additional revaluing in other fields as a result of competing market forces. The only certainty is of further uncertainty.”