The journalist Jade Sanderlyn of Vox Galactica was recently invited to conduct rare public interviews with admirals of the three superpowers.
This excerpt is from a conversation with Admiral Rachel Ziegler of the Alliance.
Jade Sanderlyn: This is Jade Sanderlyn reporting for Vox Galactica. I am here with Admiral Rachel Ziegler of the Alliance. I’m pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you, Admiral.
Rachel Ziegler: You’re welcome.
JS: We’re on board the Salote Charm, which is currently stationed in the Didio system. Two days ago, a large Thargoid force arrived here and began attacking human ships and ports. There are reports that Salvation has asked your fleet, and those of the other superpowers, to hold the Thargoid force at bay until the anti-xeno superweapon…
RZ: Let me clarify your question before you finish it. My priority is the safety of the billions who call Didio home. We are not here to keep the Thargoid forces occupied. We are here to defeat them.
JS: Understood, Admiral. Salvation has asked for time to prepare his superweapon, though?
RZ: Yes, he has. But the Alliance does not operate with the assumption that Salvation will deliver on his promise.
JS: Do you support Salvation’s methods? Critics have suggested he endangers lives by using a powerful weapon that has not been independently assessed by experts.
RZ: Whether I support or do not support Salvation is immaterial. The fact is that, on two previous occasions, the superweapon has eliminated Thargoid fleets from entire systems. Rejecting such a powerful device would be unwise. Still, I think the question of risk is wholly appropriate. Military and political figures alike must not become complacent or over-reliant on Salvation’s technology. Particularly when we know so little about it.
JS: Is that ambiguity a concern for the Alliance?
RZ: It should be a concern for everybody. So far, Salvation has acted in our best interests. But a weapon that powerful would be considerably dangerous if recalibrated to damage human technology. Imagine what the NMLA could have done with such a device.
JS: Terrible things, no doubt. But your fleet in Didio could be seen as a tacit endorsement of Salvation by Allied leadership, regardless of your personal views.
RZ: As I said, Salvation’s results are highly impressive.
JS: Let’s hope they remain so. We’ll take a short break. Join us after these messages.
The rest of this interview is available to pilots arriving at the megaship Salote Charm in the Didio system.