Voices in the Senate have argued that the Marlinist Colonies should have become an Imperial protectorate to shield them against the Thargoids.
Senator Arturo Durant was quoted by The Imperial Herald:
“The region containing the Marlinist Colonies sits relatively close to what is commonly regarded as Thargoid territory. A strike by the aliens would rapidly overwhelm the paltry security forces of a handful of under-developed systems.”
“Naturally we respect Her Majesty’s decision to acknowledge their autonomy, but many feel that the Marlinists may regret the decision to sit outside our protective sphere. After all, these were once Imperial citizens. It’s our duty to defend them, whether or not they grant us permission.”
First Minister Octavia Volkov published a response via The Marlin Standard:
“The proximity of the Thargoids is an ever-present concern, and it’s true that we do lack a dedicated navy. But many authorised militias such as the Dark Wolf Marlinists have fought courageously to defend our people, and will do so again should the Thargoids turn their attention our way.”
“I remind the senator that we have not only retained control of the original colonies, but also expanded into over two dozen neighbouring systems. Marlin Duval’s dream of forming an interstellar republic is finally flourishing, after centuries of being repressed within the Empire.”