Your “taxi” is your daily driver; it gets you to and fro. A long jump range and a low rebuy are key.


The AspX is a perfect low cost taxi. Cheap to buy, easy to outfit with lots of module slots, you can forget about it and never pay more than 1m on a rebuy. Perfect to get you going.

The AspX can be used for long-distance travel too, its a great exploration/discovery ship. It’s only when using it for specific missions its lack of slots will be unhelpful. 


The Krait Phantom offers a little more in terms of modules, slots and flexibility. For dangerous taxi missions, it has a bit more survivability too. Expect a larger rebuy and to use it all through your Elite career.

If you’re on a budget and want to split roles, the Krait also performs in most other capabilities more than adequately. 


High rollers, big ballers. Sometimes you just have to travel in style. The Anaconda is the perfect top level limousine.
Not only can you get the best jump range in the game, you can buy it early without any superpower rank, and transport modules for almost all your ships to take advantage of Experimental Effects at Engineering facilities.