SYSTEM Maintenance

System Maintenance involves monitoring systems, and reacting when they move out of our control to ensure we don’t waste time.


Its important to understand the issues each state presents and what to watch out for. SF members should read this info and be sure they understand each state so they can update the Monitor Systems List effectively.


We have a presence in this system. We want to keep our influence high enough that we don’t risk retreat, and 5% away from any other faction to prevent needless war. We also want to keep influence below 65%, preventing unwanted expansion. In almost all cases, we want to keep 7 factions in the system, preventing other player factions from entering our systems.

Warning status: =Sapere Aude= or another faction drops below 5%, risking retreat, or =SA= comes within 5% of another faction, risking conflict, or =SA= rises above 65%, risking unwanted expansion.
Corrective action: conduct INF missions for SA if we’ve dropped or the highest of the pair of factions if we are risking conflict. If we are close to unwanted expansion, conduct missions for other factions. If a faction is in danger of retreating, support that faction.


If we are preserving a system, we are looking to maintain 7 factions within it. This means keeping an eye out and if any non-native faction drops beneath 5%, issuing a warning to the squadron to do work for that faction and raise them up. We want to avoid War by keeping that faction either under 7%, or 5% away from the closest other faction.

Warning status: a faction that isn’t native has dropped below 5% and could be forced to retreat.

Corrective action: conduct INF missions for a faction close to retreat to bring them back up.


We want to fill this system with 7 factions. Either we will have to expand there ourselves, or support another faction to force them to expand into the system. This will depend on location. If there are only 4 or 5 factions it may be quicker to expand there ourselves than force several other factions into place.

Warning status: a faction that isn’t native has dropped below 5% and could be forced to retreat. A faction expands into the system

Corrective action: conduct INF missions for a faction close to retreat to bring them back up. If a faction expands and fills the system, notify leadership so we can move to Preserving the system.


We want to expand from this system and seek to push our influence to 75%. As soon as it hits 75% once, expansion will happen within 10 ticks. We may wish to keep influence high and expand again, or let it fall to Maintain levels again.

No warnings are needed during this state, just constant missions for =Sapere Aude= only.


We intend to expand to this system and take it over. We therefore need to ensure there are only 6 factions present. We may need to force a Retreat to do this.

Warning status: a faction expands into the system, taking total factions to 7. This is exceedingly hard to predict, but constant observation of who is in Expansion locally can help.

Corrective action: force that faction or another non-native faction into retreat.

Force Retreat

We want to force a faction to retreat from the system. We will conduct missions for all other factions, and negative actions for the faction we wish to retreat. This may mean keeping your REP up with that faction in other systems.

Special Forces

You may wish to get more involved in the BGS, helping your squadron to gather data, organise activity and plan. In =SA= you can join the Special Forces group to do this.


Black Ops

This is a =SA= area only, please click to find out more if you are a registered Sapere Aude Commander.


Maintaining Systems

Preventing Unwanted Activity

A faction can only expand from one system at a time. Unwanted wars can cause loss of stations/systems. Other factions’ activity can affect you. To find out more about system maintenance click below.