*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*
The Federation has offered bounties to hunt down all surviving Red Family ships in the Andowatye system.
Executive Agent Faisal Sacranie of the Federal Intelligence Agency released this statement:
“Information provided by the Proactive Detection Bureau revealed that the notorious Oberon Church has gathered his remaining followers in Andowatye. Our mission to take down the narcotics syndicate is not complete until its kingpin has been arrested and charged for his long list of crimes.”
“The FIA has authorised hiring independent pilots to act as auxiliaries for this operation. We are working closely with the United Andowatye Democrats, which has placed bounties on all wanted ships in this system.”
“It is crucial that our agents locate Oberon Church before he departs from the system. If we cannot eliminate his defenders in time, he may once again escape justice and re-establish his drugs empire from the shadows. We have a duty to all Federal citizens to prevent this from happening.”
The United Andowatye Democrats has confirmed that contributing pilots can redeem bounty vouchers at Bosch Station in the Andowatye system.