*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*
Azimuth Biotech has called on mining vessels to deliver raw materials to the Glorious Prospect megaship in the LHS 157 system.
The campaign was launched by the corporation’s acting CEO, Torben Rademaker:
“Our mission to continue developing anti-xeno technologies is currently hampered by a lack of resources to establish new facilities. Azimuth’s investment in the Proteus Wave project and related infrastructure was considerable. Meanwhile, the reckless actions of anarchists and political extremists have inhibited our recovery.”
“Generous credit payments are being offered for supplies of the following mined metals: cobalt, gallite and osmium. These can be delivered to the Glorious Prospect in the LHS 157 system.”
“With a suitably reinforced corporate infrastructure, Azimuth can regain its status as the premier organisation for xenological research in the core systems. Dedicated supporters will be granted access to the Mbooni system, should they not already have it.”
In recent weeks, Azimuth Biotech was forced to withdraw from the Maia, Merope and Qarato systems following a coordinated campaign by an organised group opposing Salvation. Currently the corporation maintains a single facility in Mbooni as well as Hind Mine starport in the T Tauri system.