Political fallout has been intense after the NMLA simultaneously bombed nine starports in the Alliance, Empire and Federation.
The targeted stations are in the Achenar, Alioth, Eotienses, Gateway, Kamadhenu, Lave, Nanomam, Rhea and Sol systems. These were referred to by NMLA propaganda as the ‘Nine Martyrs’, a reference to the attack against Kepler Orbital last November.
All three superpowers are treating this as a major emergency. Top-level discussions have taken place between their chiefs of security, using communication protocols recently established at the Galactic Summit.
However, mainstream media has also reported on internal political tensions.
The Imperial Herald: “Senator Patreus proposed that all known Marlinists be arrested immediately as NMLA collaborators. He received a direct rebuke from Chancellor Blaine, who said ‘Her Majesty views your blunt tactics as having been counter-productive, and requires more creative solutions.'”
The Federal Times: “President Hudson opened Congress with a minute’s silence to honour VP Brad Mitchell and other deceased Cabinet members. He then directly blamed Shadow President Winters for their deaths, claiming ‘You invited terrorists with your virtue-signalling aid programme for fake refugees!'”
The Alliance Tribune: “The Assembly broadly welcomed Prime Minister Mahon’s call for unity against the NMLA, and praised his efforts on the Sirius Treaty despite it remaining unsigned. But there was also support for Councillor Kaine’s viewpoint: ‘Our entry fee for the Galactic Summit was hundreds of thousands of lives.'”