The trial of Chief Technician Rory Webster, who is charged with mass murder and attempted treason, began today at the Federal High Court on Mars.
Mr Webster, a department head in the Federal Navy Engineering Corps, is accused of attempting to destroy Starship One in 3301. He has filed a plea of not guilty.
The prosecutor laid out the charges, including this summary:
“According to the testimonies of three naval engineers, they installed replacement power regulator components to Starship One prior to its launch. Mr Webster verified this was routine maintenance during the initial investigation.”
“Last year, one engineer reviewed data for the Highliner Antares incident and realised that pre-modified power regulators could have caused an identical Frame Shift Drive misjump on Starship One. She tried to trace the components’ source and found the records deleted.”
“After Mr Webster refused to respond to her questions, she and her colleagues contacted the authorities, prompting a full inquiry.”
The Highliner Antares was a Sirius Corporation passenger liner that was destroyed in 3251 when its experimental hyperdrive engines malfunctioned.
The defence refuted the accusations as unprovable and motivated by personal grudges, making reference to Chief Technician Webster’s otherwise flawless record.
The trial is expected to conclude next week.