*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*
The Reorte Mining Coalition has succeeded in forcing Sirius Corporation to withdraw from the Reorte system.
Despite the megacorp’s strategic defence pact with the Alliance, Reorte’s controlling faction claimed the Sirius megaship Chariot of Rhea was an illegal intruder. This resulted in open conflict, which has ended with Sirius Corporation’s defeat.
Fergus Cassidy, CEO of the Reorte Mining Coalition, transmitted this message:
“With the support of many brave pilots, we have prevented Sirius from sinking its claws into the Reorte system. I hope our victory will convince the Alliance’s leaders to think twice about their deal with the devil.”
Captain Delfina Dominguez has confirmed that Sirius Corporation has started to withdraw from Reorte. The megaship Chariot of Rhea will leave Reorte and jump to the Leesti system pending further discussions with Allied leaders.
Sources have confirmed that permits to the Alioth and Sirius systems have been allocated to independent pilots depending on the faction they supported during the conflict.
The Assembly has held emergency meetings to debate this turn of events. Councillor Ainsley Niven, who represents the Reorte system, delivered a warning to Prime Minister Mahon:
“You have invited Sirius Corporation to provide military aid against the Thargoids, but without seeking the approval of those we are pledged to protect. That is not the way of the Alliance, no matter how grave the threat.”