You can post quickly and easily to the squadron website. Posts will auto-forward to the Discord when appropriate, and appear on the CMDR NEWS subpages, together with the relevant Discipline subpages.

Before starting: you may want to download the Image Set to give you some stock Elite images to work with.

To start, you’ll want to make a POST – this is a type of page within the site thats designated as a time-stamped user comment. A post, if you will.

Quickstart checklist:

– Make New Post
– Make Title
– Upload Featured Image
– Write content
– Set Categories
– Set Tags
– Set Expiry
– Publish

Click New Post:

At the top left you’ll see the + icon and New. Click on this and choose POST from the dropdown. We’ll worry about projects another day.

Learn about or Ignore Blocks:

You’ll then be told “welcome to the wonderful world of blocks”. You can choose to read this set of tips, or not. Its not necessary for super-quick posting, and there is a better editor available for more aesthetic blogging later anyway.

Make your title:

Now, Add title (you can change this later) to give the Post a title within your future list of posts.

This will be the title others will see. Make it ALL CAPS for reasons you’ll see in a minute.

Now, press Use Default Editor, the grey button on the right..

Use the RH Settings Navigation, first, for an image:

Next, you need to select a Featured Image. This image will show behind the post, so its vital.

If you can’t see the Click on Select Featured Image, check the upper left corner, where Document or Block are Visible. Reclick Document, and you’ll see the Set featured image dialogue….

Add the Featured Image:

Your featured image shows at the top of your actual post, and behind/near it wherever else it is displayed on the site (see Categories). So you need to have an image, and if you haven’t already, download our Image Set to get you started.

You’ll be presented with a fairly standard upload box, your library shown for any existing images, and an Upload Files tab to choose via drag’n’drop or selection, the files you want to upload.

Upload the image you want to use (try to keep max size to 1200px wide, 72dpi), and then press the bottom right blue button: Upload an Image, to upload it onto your Post.

Write your Content:

You now have your title shown above, and your text area below. So for the title:


Your content might be:

Really glad to be here chaps, look forward to flying with y’all. See you in the black 07.

As simple as you want, so lets use this as an example.


Add Your Category:

The Category tells the site where to put the post, and which Discord channel to send it to.

Click Categories at the right hand side and choose something. Simply choose a category that suits. Here I’ve selected Events and Anti-Xeno.

Dependent what category you choose, your post will appear on the relevant CMDR/LDR page and Discord. So its a quick way to notify the squadron or update our events, simply choose the category that suits what you want to say. 

You can pick multiple categories. So if its an Event and related to BGS, you would select both of those categories. Your post will appear in all relevant site areas, and Discord.

The Discord-linked categories are as follows for CMDRs:

Top Categories

– Events will appear in Squad-Events
– Knowledge Base will appear in Squad-Library
– General Blogging will appear in your own blog pages


– Ship Building will appear in Ship-Buildin
– CQC will appear in CQC

Please try and choose all relevant categories. While the site does not display a huge amount of these Posts currently, later on the content will be easy to search and find if you take your time on this.

Add Your Tags:

Tags provide another way of linking Posts together. They can be used to link out to Twitter and other social media later on, but for now just try to pick a couple. In the example of our Anti-Xeno/Event Post, the tags might be anti-xeno, and event, and combat. Keep them lower-case and note as you type, the site will suggest common tags to help inspire you and keep links constant and useful.

Set Expiry and Publish:

If the post is dated, we don’t want old events or info cluttering up the website. You can set your posts to automatically expire if they aren’t going to remain relevant or relate to a dated event. 

So you can choose an expiry date/time, and then choose a method of expiration. You can keep it simple of now and either make it become a Draft, so you can re-use it in the future, or send it to Trash if you never want it again. As ever with computers, Trash items can be recovered.

Once you’ve chosen a category you simply click Publish at the top.



You’ll now see your post appear on the CMDR NEWS page, or a similar page, just as per the following. It will also appear on Discord as per your Category, and on other related pages as they are built.

Using Categories and tags, you can create simple, fast content that will be referenced by other pages; for example your own Blog page, or the Anti-Xeno Information page. If you want to continue and learn more, then head to the next chapter in the tutorial, Advanced Editing.