This page explains both how to successfully carry out the selling cartographic data activity, and the effect on the BGS (Background Simulation). Use the tags above to read about related items, together with similar/related functions in-game.


You can sell data in the Universal Cartographics part of the station menu.


Selling cartographic data will give an INF boost for the owner of the station to whom you are selling. The quickest way to see who owns a station is to use the Systems/Stations search on Inara if you aren’t actually present. Selling is capped so you should sell no more than 10 million per day per faction, and returns are calculated by value. Therefore you should sell your systems from a minimum of 700k, up to a total of 10m per day.


This is a very effective way to boost INF if you have enough data.

BGS Information:

Functional States: All but War
Target/Source Info: Take data to the faction you want to raise INF for; they must own the station. Cartographic data is counted by *transaction*, not by value. The total value of the data sold determines the impact. Its surmised that a lower limit of 700k is in effect, and that ideally one would sell up to but not exceeding 10M worth of data per faction per system per tick.
Exceptions: Does not affect INF in War state.
Effect on Player: Increase Explorer Rank & REP with the faction that controls the station.

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