*Pilots Federation ALERT*
Enormous amounts of data on Earth-like worlds has been collected for a campaign by shipbuilding firm Saud Kruger.
The data is highly valuable to the corporation’s subsidiary, Astrogator Tours, which runs holiday cruises across the galaxy and is seeking new locations.
The initiative was declared a success by CEO Stanislav Kruger:
“Not only have we received data about highly promising systems, but many creative Commanders provided imagery guaranteed to entice adventure-seekers to these new worlds. We are deeply grateful to all pilots who took part.”
Vistaenis Incorporated, Saud Kruger’s partner in this initiative, is now offering payment for the exploration data at Youll Port in the Vistaenis system.
Tourist beacons will be added to the most suitable systems by Thursday the 28th of October, which will record for posterity the names of the pilots who submitted the most compelling images.
As a result of the initiative, a discount of 15% will be applied to sales of all Dolphin, Orca and Beluga Liner ships from the 1st of October, alongside a reduction in cost for the luxury-class cabins which can be installed in any of Saud Kruger’s vessels.