The #radio channel on Discord is where you can send commands to the SA Radio Player (Groovy Bot).

Join the #chat,chat,chatmusic channel and then start typing your commands!

To Play a Song

The Groovy Bot searches Youtube for songs using [link or search query] – this can be pretty rough and it will still find what you want.

So when you see [query] just type whatever you want as follows:

-play [query]

Using a Youtube “Mix” link you can add a playlist to the queue, and other users can shuffle songs into it.

To add songs to the queue:

-queue [query]


Managing Volume

To mix volume:

Right-click on Groovy and adjust the slider so the volume balances with the other CMDRs chat audio volume. You can also do this for individual CMDRs, or mute your mic if you want to listen and not talk.

Using the Queue

 To add Songs to queue:

-queue [query]
To view the queue, just type -queue on its own

To fiddle with the queue:
-jump [track position or title]


Other Commands

Other Obvious Commands:
-remove [query]

To show the current song and position:

To clean the channel when you are finished:
Type -cleanup all


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