*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*
Traders and combat pilots are required in the Upaniklis system to assist the Golconda in resuming its voyage.
The ancient generation ship, which originated from Earth in the 22nd century, has been retrofitted by the Artificers Clan into a functional modern vessel. The majority of its former population have decided to leave the outpost Forester’s Choice and return to their traditional nomadic lifestyle.
Captain Jonathon Forester, leader of the Golconda Union, announced:
“In 3305 the galactic community provided us with the chance to end our original journey, so it will be fitting if they can help us start a new chapter among the stars. The Golconda now has a frame shift drive that requires tritium fuel, and shipments of medical diagnostic equipment and power generators are also needed.”
Upaniklis Vision Incorporated has agreed to organise the initiative. Pilots are asked to deliver all commodities to Fozard Port, from where they will be transferred aboard the Golconda.
Local security forces warned that pirates may attempt to hijack incoming shipments or take control of the Golconda itself. As a defensive measure, Upaniklis Vision Incorporated has offered bounties on all wanted ships in the system.
According to the Federal Diplomatic Corp, these events do not violate the legislation that protects isolated societies from cultural contamination. It added: “Partnership status with the Federation has been extended to the Golconda and continues to apply to Forester’s Choice outpost.”