Oberon Church, founder of the crime syndicate Red Family, has managed to avoid capture by the Federal Intelligence Agency.
The Federal Times’s crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi reported on the latest developments:
“In many ways, the FIA’s operation against Red Family can be considered a success. Coordinated raids and arrests have seized most of the organisation’s assets, including colossal amounts of illegal narcotics and weapons.”
“But Oberon Church has lived up to his self-styled image as ‘the man of smoke’, forever drifting through the fingers of those who try to grasp him. And until this notorious drug lord is finally apprehended, the agency cannot relent in its work.”
“Proactive Detection Bureau analysts are working to decrypt communications found on captured data drives. They believe these include coordinates where the surviving syndicate members are gathering to protect their leader.”
“Several FIA agents have told me that the opportunity to take Church captive is narrowing. They fear that unless the PDB can pinpoint Red Family’s bolthole soon, he will once again escape justice.”