The quickest way to farm raw materials is to use the Crystalline Shards.


Various planets contain Crystalline Shards. This is the fastest way to collect G5 raw materials which you can then trade down. Total time when you arrive is literally 15-20 minutes per planet. Its the travel thats a pig. Don’t forget your DSS, SRV and fuel scoop – plus an AFMU if you’re gonna boost back!

You simply fly to each planet and find a Biological Point of Interest site, then farm in your SRV, shooting Crystalline Clusters to obtain the materials from the following planets:

HIP 36601 C 1 a: Polonium
HIP 36601 C 1 d: Ruthenium 
HIP 36601 C 3 b: Tellurium
HIP 36601 C 5 a: Technetium

Some of the planets are fairly uneven but most of the sites are easy to park at. If you find a good flat one, please add a comment below as we don’t have notes on the best sites themselves yet.

When each bin is filled (It takes 150 units per material) return to your favourite Materials Broker (The nearest may be Hinz Hub @Ngobe) and trade them down to fill as many low grade bins as you wish (if you’ve already prepped your materials, its likely you’ll only need to visit each planet once. Be advised a material trader run is a 2kly+ round trip!)

Rinse and repeat till all the mats above are full, then you need to fill the Selenium bin.

As this is the only high grade material for which a shard has so far not been discovered, you’ll do this by moving to the Outotz LS-K D8-3 system and filling up on Antimony/Yttrium and cross-trading them.

Outotz LS-K D8-3 B 5 c: Antimony
Outotz LS-K D8-3 B 5 a: Yttrium


This time, the material trader round trip is unavoidable. You can make it easier by using some of the materials you’ve just farmed to synth premium and neutron boost, cutting the ~26 jumps in a 70ly ship down to just 10-15.

This will take two trips as the exchange rate is 6:1. So once you’ve filled up on Antimony and Yttrium, fly to a Raw trader, and exchange them for Selenium, either by trading all 300 for 50 Selenium, and repeating this twice, finally filling up on Yttrium and Antimony, or if you have all your required materials in Inara, just making the appropriate trades.



You will need:

  • a ship with a decent jump range including fuel scoop
  • a Detailed Surface Scanner (DSS)
  • no cargo space – materials don’t take up inventory
  • it’s wise to take 2 SRVs in case you get stuck/forget and go AFK and it explodes; a little Sulphur and Phosphorous in your inventory will allow you to synth more fuel, and Nickel I believe to repair your hull


Before you depart, if you have any Grade 5 raw materials data, its worth trading them down for lower grade materials to ensure your G5 bins are completely empty