Railgun is a very powerful electromagnetic projectile weapon. Therefore it deals mixed thermic-kinetic damage. It requires a large amount of power to use it and generates a large amount of heat in the process, compared to other weapons but can cause severe damage to the target.

Rail Guns, Railguns or RGs, are only available in a fixed variant. Their main advantage is penetration – this means if you have an enemy subsystem targeted, they can hit it from the other side of the hull. Only 80 rounds can be carried although this can be altered with engineering.

They have very high raw damage, largely ignoring armour hardness, although they are still subject to kinetic and thermal resistances. They are also an impulse attack, causing the target to be physically moved out of trajectory.

They are only available for class 1 and 2 hardpoints.


The following modifications can be applied to this module:

Recommended Configuration

Most players use Long Range / Feedback Cascade to prevent enemies from boosting out of range and deploying Shield Cell Banks. Without long range damage fall-off is 1000m. For protracted battles players may wish to use the Plasma Slug which regenerates ammo. The Imperial Hammer is a powerplay-locked variant on the Rail Gun.

High Capacity + Super Penetrator is a great combination for sniping modules.