Multi-billionaire Zachary Rackham has discussed standing as an independent candidate for the Federal presidency in 3309.
The issue was raised during the opening of a new superstructure named Rackham’s Spire on Homeland in the Beta Hydri system. At a press conference in the tropospheric suite, Mr Rackham was asked for his views on the proposed Hudson Contravention.
He replied by light-heartedly hinting that he might run for office himself: “With two Zacharys on the ballot, I’m guaranteed to get some votes by mistake!”
Financial journalist Bryanna Blanco wrote an opinion piece for The Federal Times:
“Rackham’s Spire literally stabs the sky above Los Pioneros, rising so high that during the day its shadow moves across the city like a colossal sundial. Extravagant, expensive and impossible to ignore, it’s practically an altar to the man who built it.”
“I’ve spent half of my career investigating Rackham, and I’m convinced that he always has an ulterior motive. In this case it seems obvious: by laughing off suggestions about standing for election, he makes people expect it to become true. It’s blatantly the first step to a forthcoming campaign.”
“It still mystifies me how Rackham makes people forget his past. Most newsfeeds refuse to acknowledge his former identity as Calico Zack, one of the last century’s most notorious pirates. All they portray is the wealthy and successful businessman – and now, perhaps, a future president of the Federation.”