A mid-level engineered Corvette for L PVP practice and dogfighting


While I’m not a PVP expert by any means, part of the fun of Elite is learning, so I wanted to design my own PVP ship first, before taking advice, to engender better understanding if/when/why it failed.

The Corvette is expensive with a large rebuy and can cost over 1bn to fit out. In due course, the site will show lots of other CMDR’s builds and ideas.


As many PVP players run hull tank builds, I decided to use my Huge slots for Overcharged Multi-Cannons (one Incendiary, one Oversized). The Plasma Accelerator (PA) is a very popular choice but given overheating issues and my inexperience with fixed weaponry, I used one PA for the Large slot with TLB.

I split the two M slots with another overcharged/sized multi-cannon and a long range/feedback cascade rail gun, with a corrosive MC and a thermal shock beam laser on the small slots.


The armour of your ship can be costly. This build features a Military Grade Composite. If you’re going to play seriously, a Reactive or Mirrored can reflect your other build choices.

The Corvette doesn’t have a huge jump range and for the sake of simplicity this build features an extended jump range. For pure dogfighting you’d Shield it.

Power plant and Distro will always be an A given the high requirements for such a build.

Dirty Drag drives is usually recommended for maneuverability.


Shields: I chose Prismatic, with a LV5 Thermal Resistant/Thermo Block effect for the highest possible anti-thermal effect.

The majority of the remaining slots are used for hull integrity with a couple of Shield Cell Banks to keep that high effect going.

Utility Slots therefore see a lower amount of Boosters, with some Point Defence, to automate explosive countermeasures, and 2 x Heat Sinks to manage the PA/RailGun heat gain.

I chose a Fighter Hanger purely because I wanted to.

The remainder is built up on hull/module reinforcements.



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