The Pulse Disruptor is a Pulse Laser that can cause module malfunction in addition to dealing damage. Module malfunction does not destroy the modules; it simply disables them temporarily. This weapon type is power-specific for Felicia Winters supporters. It is available as a fixed class 2 hardpoint weapon only.

In simple terms the Pulse Disruptor is a Pulse Laser with the Scramble Spectrum effect already applied. As a Powerplay weapon it is unable to be engineered. The difference is: it always affects the targeted module whereas Scramble Spectrum is more random. Compared to its compatriot; the Class 2 Fixed Pulse Laser, the Disruptor has 39% of DPS, 180% distributor drawm 179% thermal load and 117% power draw. Thus, its power-hungry but that power is exchanged for a much higher chance to completely disable your enemies’ modules.

Recommended Configuration

The PD is best employed in a single slot, as the effects don’t stack. You’ll need to ensure you target particular modules if you employ this weapon as if you don’t – in comparison to a weapon with Scramble Spectrum effect – you won’t disable enemy modules.