Plasma Accelerator is a weapon module that fires slugs of superheated plasma. Although they are powerful weapons, their projectiles travel relatively slowly, and they require a brief period to recharge after each shot.

Plasma Accelerators, or PAs, are only available in a fixed variant. Their projectiles move relatively slowly, adding up to a high level of pilot skill required to operate them.

However they have very high raw damage, largely ignoring resistance and armour hardness, and as a thermal attack will contribute to enemy ships over-heating.

They are available for class 2, 3 and 4 hardpoints.


The following modifications can be applied to this module:

    Experimental Effects 

    The following Experimental Effects can be applied to the module:

    Recommended Configuration

    In a single/paired configuration its usually recommended to go with Overcharged if you aren’t running too hot. If heat is an issue with the rest of your build, consider 2 x Efficient, one with Target Lock Buster and the other with Dispersal Field (like free chaff). Phasing only makes sense if your whole build is built with phasing, otherwise the effect is negligible. Rapid Fire is not recommended as the DPS is the same as with Overcharged but with a. higher distributor draw.