This page explains both how to successfully complete passenger transport missions, and the effect on the BGS (Background Simulation). Use the tags above to read about related items, together with similar/related functions in-game.


Passenger missions are in a separate section of the station menu. If you see the Horizons icon, they involve (or may involve a detour to) a planetary landing. A crown icon indicates a VIP.


Take the passenger to the destination, or maybe some trips on the way.

BGS Information:

Functional States: All but War
Target/Source Info: Passenger missions have the same Source and Target. They also have a lot of wide-ranging effects on States. This is of course only relevant if one conducts a mass of passenger missions. They are the best-known way to engender States right now, however. You’ll want to read the full section on effects to get the full impact of this.
Effect on Player: Gain REP & INF with source and lose it with target factions (choice of rewards).

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