The Pack-Hound Missile Rack is a medium seeker Missile Rack that fires a salvo of “drunk” missiles. This weapon type is power-specific for Li Yong-Rui supporters.

It will fire 4 rounds per salvo. The missiles will launch with erratic flight paths but will eventually exhibit heat seeking behavior.

The damage per shot is weaker than both types of standard Missile Racks, however the Pack-hound Rack has a higher DPS (damage per second) than the equivalent seeker missile rack. Additionally, the Pack-hound rack has a lower re-arm cost per activation and the multiple missiles make it more likely that a target equipped with point defense turrets will still take damage.

Pack-hound Missiles have a minimum arming distance of 500m; if fired at a target under this distance, they will deal significantly less damage.

Recommended Configuration

With the risk of friendly fire and the 500m arming range, packhounds are better for long-range work so more likely to be fitted to medium or large ships. As there is a risk of the missiles destroying each other if they haven’t adequately seperated this makes long-range usage even more critical.
Large ships will often be fighting other large ships, where not only does the seeking behaviour of the pack-hound rack benefit a slower-moving pilot, but equally-sized opponents are likely to employ point defence against seeker missiles, which the quantity of missiles can often overpower. However two launchers can easily overheat a ship so as ever heat management is important. The missiles are also useful in CZs or other busy environments as long as one can seperate friend from foe.