The Pacifier Frag-Cannon is a large Fragment Cannon with tighter spread and longer range but at the cost of dealing less damage per shot. This weapon type is power-specific for Zachary Hudson supporters.

This weapon is available only for a class 3 fixed hardpoint. Like the Fragment Cannon, it can rapidly fire three shots of 12 projectiles before having to reload.

Comparing the Pacifier to its closest equivalent, the 3F fixed fragment cannon, you’ll find 150% projectile speed & max range, and reduced jitter of 1.7 degrees compared to 5 degrees. This clearly gives the Pacifier a large edge in terms of damage on-target and at longer range.

There is a damage balance of course, and so DPS is 87% of the 3F FC.

Recommended Configuration

Its hard to classify the correct situation for the Pacifier. One can argue that for less experienced pilots, its the better option – which can lead some to argue that Zachary Hudson is one of the first Powerplay goals you should attain. However as its only a fixed weapon and limited to Class 3, its likely to be fixed to a larger, less manoeuvrable ship and therefore harder to fire accurately for an inexperienced pilot compared to gimballed weaponry.

The penalty to max damage is largely offset by the far tighter cone which implies more shots on target. If you’re used to fixed weapons, then the Pacifiers are a desirable upgrade to a fixed Fragment Cannon.