*Pilots Federation ALERT*
Explosions have struck starports across the Alliance, Empire and Federation in a coordinated bombing attack by the NMLA.
The capital systems of all three superpowers – Achenar, Alioth and Sol – have been targeted by the terrorists, as well as six other high-population systems. Precise casualty numbers are unavailable, but several hundred thousand people have been killed with many more injured.
There are urgent calls for independent pilots to rescue survivors and support repair operations at all nine locations:
Dawes Hub in the Achenar system
Donaldson in the Alioth system
Dublin Citadel in the Gateway system
Hahn Gateway in the Nanomam system
Ito Orbital in the Rhea system
Lave Station in the Lave system
Li Qing Jao in the Sol system
Parkinson Dock in the Eotienses system
Shajn Market in the Kamadhenu system
The explosive damage to each station is consistent with corrosive enzyme weapons previously used by the NMLA. This has triggered automated systems designed to respond to Thargoid assaults.
The Alliance Defence Force, Federal Navy and Imperial Navy are on full alert. Other military and security forces across the core systems are preparing for possible further attacks.
The Galactic Summit has been temporarily suspended while Alliance, Empire and Federation leaders respond to the emergency. A full lockdown is in effect in the Sirius system, where the scheduled bounty hunting and trade initiatives have been cancelled.