*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*
The infrastructures of six starports have been completed along the travel corridor between Colonia and the core systems.
Brewer Corporation has confirmed that five starport frames were constructed in systems branching out from Alcor, with a sixth closer to the Colonia system. The new stations are:
Zerreiss Station in the Pru Euq WO-D b53-8 system
Helgrind Gateway in the NGC 6530 Sector ZE-X b2-0 system
Vladmir McDoogle’s Triumph in the Flyiedge VN-W c4-51 system
Canonn Complex in the Prua Phoe MI-B b17-5 system
Venatores Hub in the Blua Eaec WW-E c14-1293 system
Promium Relay in the Eoch Flyuae QK-E d12-2118 system
At present the starports are not fully operational and only provide rearm, refuel and repair services. Basic commodity trading has also been established to accommodate pilots selling construction materials and to supply tritium fuel.
A fourth phase of the Colonia Bridge project is scheduled to begin on the 10th of February, which will aim to complete construction and add a broader range of facilities.
Brewer Corporation was able to meet all of its targets for phase three due to the considerable amount of raw materials delivered by the galactic community. The names of the new starports were selected by those pilots who made the greatest contributions to the initiative.