*Pilots Federation ALERT: For the attention of all Commanders*
New starports constructed in ten systems causing increased commodity demand.
Several refinery outposts have now been upgraded to starports, following an initiative to improve access to large ships for refuelling fleet carriers.
Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd has completed construction of the following Orbis starports:
Harper Plant in the Fjorgyn system
Iqbal Hub in the HR 4979 system
Stephenson Dock in the Wolf 294 system
McQuarrie Landing in the Lambda-2 Tucanae system
Hartsfield Plant in the Potriti system
The following Coriolis starports have been constructed by Steel Castle Inc:
Rorschach Hub in the LHS 4058 system
Chargaff Installation in the Chakpa system
Nagata Vision in the Gally Bese system
Reilly Plant in the Eta Cephei system
Trevithick Vision in the Ninabin system
As a result of the community drives to build these starports, there have been fluctuations on the trading market. The availability of several commodities has been reduced, resulting in increased prices and profit margins. The items affected include:
Building fabricators
Power generators
Thermal cooling units