Mining is often touted as the over-powered money-maker of Elite. While its true you can obtain large amount of CR easily with objectively little skill, the 300-400m per hour rates quoted involve player(s) who have taken the activity to extreme lengths, of which more later. You can usually make 100m per hour or more, and with the tips here can take yourself to far higher levels. But other activities make just as much money with less grind.


You’ll commonly hear of 2 types of mining: Void Opal (VO) or Painite (Double Painite). These are deep core and surface mining respectively. There is much more depth to the mining system and we recommend CMDRs read this guide to get the best out of the game – for example mining for Federation or Imperial rank can be a relaxing way to ease that grind.

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Mining Sections Include:

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  • Mining QuickStart
  • Locating Mining Resources
  • Void Opal Mining
  • Painite Mining
  • Surface, Subsurface & Deep Core
  • Missions & Equipment
  • Ship Theory


Locating Resources

Mining, Third Party Tools

Learn how to find mining resource planets wherever you are and avoid depleted resources

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Void Opal Mining

Mining, Money, Deep Core, Seismic

Void Opals; the meta for grinding credits. Skill & practice (together with info here) makes the difference between 50m and 200m CR/h.


Painite Mining

Mining, Money, Surface, Laser

Painite mining is often as fast as VOs – plus its great in a wing, whether you want to shake things up a bit or just plain don’t like VO.


Mining Theory

Surface, Subsurface, Deep Core

If you love mining and want to know more, there is a lot of variety to be had which the meta ignores. Find out more and get more out of the game.

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Missions & Equipment

Credits, Missions, Weapons

Combine disciplines and used advanced equipment as an enjoyable way to rank up with superpowers or earn credits through missions.

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Mining Ships

Ship-building, Mining

You need a ship to mine, but you need to mine to afford a ship? Our builds offer progression and advice for CMDRs of all levels.

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