If you just need a quick reminder or link to find your closest mining spot, this guide will get you there in 1 minute.

If you’re a registered SA CMDR you can use our home system’s closest bodies, which have been mapped for your convenience. You won’t see access to this if you’re not registered, so please use one of the following methods:

Method One (better for VO): go to EDDB Bodies page, and enter your Reference System; choose Metallic for Painite, and Icy for Void Opals. Then set System Reserves to Pristine. Do note its been reported, but not tested, that Major reserves pay out just as fast for VO mining. Logged-in users can submit test reports.

Method Two (better for Painite): go to the EDTools Miner database. Enter your system and the item you’re looking for. NB This will give you selling systems as well.


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