The quickest way to farm G2-G4 manufactured materials is at the deserted outpost “Dav’s Hope”

Dav’s Hope is an abandoned settlement on Hyades Sector DR-V c2-23 A 5 at 44.8180, -31.3893.

An automated alert voice indicates that the cause of the evacuation was a compromise of the mine structure. Around the settlement there are six Settlement Comms Log Uplink points, scanning them gives more background:


You will need:

  • a ship with a decent jump range
  • 2 SRVs – it’s too easy to run out of fuel and have to make a return trip
  • no cargo space – materials don’t take up inventory


Before you depart, if you have any Grade 2-4 materials, its worth trading them down for Grade 1-3 materials. Keep your G5s. Note that you can arguably collect G4-G5 materials quicker using the HGE method, so you may wish to only use Dav’s Hope for G1-G3.


Here’s the full list (with the grade and drop rate Low/Medium/High in brackets) of what you will collect.

  • Chemical Distillery (G3: L)
  • Chemical Manipulators (G4: M)
  • Chemical Processors (G2: M)
  • Conductive Ceramics (G3: L)
  • Conductive Components (G2: M)
  • Conductive Polymers (G4: L)
  • Configurable Components (G4: M)
  • Electrochemical Arrays (G3: M)
  • Flawed Focus Crystals (G2: H)
  • Focus Crystals (G3: M)
  • Galvanizing Alloys (G2: H)
  • Grid Resistors (G1: L)
  • Heat Dispersion Plate (G2: H)
  • Heat Exchangers (G3: M)
  • Heat Vanes (G4: M)
  • High Density Composites (G3: H)
  • Hybrid Capacitors (G2: M)
  • Mechanical Equipment (G2: M)
  • Mechanical Components (G3: M)
  • Mechanical Scrap (G1: L)
  • Phase Alloys (G3: H)
  • Polymer Capacitors (G4: M)
  • Refined Focus Crystals (G4: M)
  • Salvaged Alloys (G1: L)
  • Shield Emitters (G2: M)
  • Shielding Sensors (G2: M)
  • Worn Shield Emitters (G1: H)

Its of particular note that the following G4s drop with a Medium rate (over 50 trips, 50-100 items received): Chemical Manipulators, Configurable Components, Heat Vanes, Polymer Capacitors, Refined Focus Crystals. So trading these down to zero is advisable as you’ll soon fill them back up.

Ditto the H-rate drops (over 50 round trips, 100-150 items) are Flawed Focus Crystals (G2), Galvanizing Alloys (G2), High Density Composites (G3), Phase Alloys (G3) and Worn Shield Emitters (G1). So again, trading all of these down is wise.

Quick Method:
Trade for banks in which you are low/empty, either the same row to the left, or one column to the left in either rows, exchanging the items above. Good if you intend to just stay there and fill up on materials.

Best Method:
Get your ships planned out first so you know exactly the trades you need to make using the Inara Missing Components Service.

Back-of-Envelope Method:
Trade your materials away for:

Shield Emitters (used in Heavy Duty Armour and HRPs)
Shielding Sensors (used in Heavy Duty Armour)
Heat Conduction Wiring (used in Thermal Resistant HRPs)
Salvaged Alloys (used in Thermal Resistant HRPs)


When you arrive, dismiss your ship, deploy your Cargo Scoop and circle the buildings in a loop, collecting all the components by targeting them. Once complete, log out, and re-log in a different mode. Rinse and repeat. If you’re going AFK make sure you don’t stay logged in in Solo Mode OR Open Mode. Stay logged out.