Lasers are Thermal Weapons.

These weapons use a charging capacitor and thus do not need ammo, but tend to drain weapon energy quickly and take time to recharge.

Thermal weapons are effective at stripping shields.


Beam Lasers have the highest DPS. They fire continually which means you can operate them in a constant or burst fire pattern.

The downside is heat efficiency; they will quickly overheat or drain capacity dependent on your build.

If you suspect you’ll only have limited time on-target, for example against smaller, faster ships, they are a good choice.


Pulse Lasers are the most heat and capacitor efficient of your choices. This means that they are unbeatable for sustained periods of fire, but with one “pulse” per shot.

With modern ship builds utilising a lot of Shield Boosters, pulse lasers will help you operate a high-shield build which makes them a great choice for tank-style play or against multiple opponents such as in CZ play.


Burst Lasers are the in-between choice. Unable to fire continuously, they have more DPS than Pulse and draw less power than Beam. For fast-paced dogfights, they’ll allow you to deal a lot of damage over a long-term basis.

With 3 “pulses” per burst, you have more likelihood to hit the target with multiple impulses using Burst Lasers.


Locked by Powerplay requirements, these specialist lasers can offer unique play styles and advantages. Its advised to liaise with wing-mates to spread variety if you intend to focus your build on these weapons.