*Pilots Federation ALERT*
The Kumo Crew syndicate is requesting deliveries to mass-produce a recreational drug named ‘helix’.
The drug is believed to originate with the Blue Viper Club, a nomadic clan travelling aboard an ancient dredger that recently appeared near Kumo City station.
Arch-Corsair Kay Volantyne, representing the Kumo Council, provided details to local newsfeed The Pegasi Sentinel:
“Helix will change lives across the galaxy! Derived from high-quality organic crops, and with many medicinal and psychological benefits, it is guaranteed to bring contentment.”
“All we need to kick-start manufacture are deliveries of agronomic treatment, liquid oxygen and performance enhancers to Kumo City in the Pegasi Sector PN-T C3-14 system. The Kumo Council also offers generous bounties on all wanted ships to protect traders carrying these commodities.”
Many authorities have registered concern that this will exacerbate drug addiction and misuse, which are common social problems. However, some markets have shown interest in the potential new product.
Vox Galactica has reported rumours that helix may be a previously unknown strain of onionhead, a highly popular psychedelic. It remains unknown whether the Blue Viper Club cultivated helix aboard their dredger or acquired it from another source.