This page explains both how to understand the infrastructure failure state, and the effect on the BGS (Background Simulation). Use the tags above to read about related items, together with similar/related functions in-game.


Infrastructure Failure will start to remove facilities from your station. You may find the Commodity Market ceases to function, missions aren’t available, and/or an inability to turn in Cartographic Data. It is a new state added in 3.6.


When under negative faction states, you may see a drop in INF. This means your INF will drop in traditionally “locked” states such as Conflicts. If you are affected whilst in Lockdown you can risk losing a system without being able to do anything about it. At present it does appear these states can clear randomly in 7 ticks without any effort.

Specifially, infrastructure failure is new for 3.6. it appears to be generated randomly and to last for 7 ticks. some have reported clearance within less than 7 days, but its not been proved. we have cleared this state with very small (200×7 on average) deliveries of power generators, water purifiers, agronomic treatments, and food cartridges together with items requested by ‘industry needs’ type missions, or items on the trade boards.

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