What’s up CMDRS! This is CMDR Mikedash1 here with a new page. This page is for all cmdrs new and old you know who you are. This page is simple but I hope to have some valuable information for you to get an idea on how to gain the right information when you need it most.

Important Informational Link

https://inara.cz/ This is where you will find 100% of most information on the game. Outfitting, engineers, squadrons, lore, etc.

http://edtools.ddns.net/miner Here you will find one of the best places for getting the best places for areas to mine high yield mining and best prices on trades.

https://eddb.io/ This is “the one stop shop” for all things in trade and whatnot, use this as well with https://inara.cz/ and you will get up to date comprehensive places to mine and set and trade.

https://coriolis.io/ Here on this site you will be able to outfit your ship with any or all equipment and see how much it will cost as well as how your stats change to and from exchanging said equipment. Also you will be able to see how much materials you will need to engineer your ship.

https://discordapp.com/ Here on the Discord you will find a wealth of knowledge from our team of officers and CMNDRS we will help at part of your role and game play.

https://www.youtube.com/ And always a valuable tool is youtube. i would suggest channels such as TheYamiks, ObsidianAnt , CMDR Exigeous, The Pilot, and Down To Earth Astronomy. They have a lot of info.

More info to come at a later date.