The Imperial Hammer is a multi-shot Railgun that benefits from a higher DPS compared to its normal counterpart. This weapon type is power-specific for Arissa Lavigny-Duval supporters. It is available only for a class 2 (medium) hardpoint.

Unlike the standard railgun, the Imperial Hammer is less of an all-or-nothing weapon and fires a burst of three shots rather than one before it reloads. This may allow it a possible advantage where hitting the target every time is not assured. Each shot does considerably less damage than a class 2 railgun, but landing all three can be extremely effective.

Similarly to a standard railgun, the damage type is both thermal (66.6%) and kinetic (33.3%), and it too ignores Armour Hardness with an armour piercing value of 100. It has an ammo clip size of 3 and maximum ammo of 240. The standard B2 railgun has a clip size of 1 and max. ammo of 80. Therefore since the Imperial Hammer fires 3 rounds at a time, it is effectively exactly the same amount of ammo.

Recommended Configuration

As with many of the Powerplay weapons, pilot skill will dictate effectiveness. If you are skilled with fixed weapons and can ensure you get all 3 shots on target, the Imperial Hammer will outperform its’ comparable Class 2 Railgun, albeit with 165% of the heat generation.

If your ship can cope with the heat and your accuracy is good with fixed weapons, its one of the best PP weapons and a great item to take the time to obtain – see our Powerplay guide for more info on this.