This is my personal trading / mission build, and the ship I use most days. With 704T capacity its easy to knock down 50,000,000 wing trades, and flipping the Size 4 slots allows you to accomplish bulk missions for BGS gains of any type.


This ship has no offensive capability, and it doesn’t need it. Even if you get knocked out into an interdiction while AFK, as long as you have 4 pips to shields it will literally sit there until the police arrive. It can’t be mass-locked, and using the Size 4 slots to flip in modules means it will accomplish any standard missions without ever having to engage. Its maneuvrable enough to avoid most interdictions anyway.

1. Guardian FSD Booster. This is my default module, allowing the ship to travel for faraway goods easily.
2. 4G SRV bay. Economic Data Acquisition or other data-grabbing.
3. 3A Collector Limpet Controller. Black Box, Salvage etc.
4. 4A Fuel Scoop for longer trips.

Note the Frame Shift Wake Scanner. This occupies 10% of the power and will need to be switched off a lot of the time. By having it on the ship, you can scan a couple of wakes as you trade and build up rare data effortlessly.

Remember to buy your ships and modules at Li Yong-Rui controlled stations. You’ll get a 15% discount on the ship and modules; and your rebuy cost will be 15% lower permanently.



Note: when using EDSY within SA, it’s referred to as SA-EDSY.

CMDRs and LDRs can host their own ship builds within the website. Understanding how this links with EDSY is simple:

  • You can edit any ship build within the SA website. Refreshing the page will revert back to the build originally posted.
  • If a CMDR has edited their build since they posted it, it will update here. So some info may change from what you expected to see, if they don’t note it to their post here. In addition you may hold a cached version of the build, in which case if you press the orange circular arrow to Reload the build, it will update.
  • If you save an edited ship build with a different name, by changing the name and clicking on the orange floppy disk icon, you’ll be able to access it from any shipbuilding page on Sapere Aude. This means you can compare builds from other CMDRs, edit them and save them into your SA-EDSY library.
  • Your SA-EDSY builds will always be available from within Sapere Aude.
  • However your SA-EDSY session is separate from any EDSY session you may have, even in the same browser, if you started it from another CMDR’s linked build.
  • So you won’t be able to access edited/changed builds outside of the SA site. Copying the shortlink by pressing the orange download icon to the left of the build name, then GENERATE will give you a web address, which you can then paste into a browser to save the build in your own EDSY session.
  • It is possible to link your own builds into your own blog pages within SA; if you do so, you’ll then find your sessions linked. Changes and builds made from a build you linked in from your own session, will link back to your EDSY session even if you edited them here.

The simple way to understand it is to think where the build originated from; if it originated from your own session and was pulled to the site, you can retrieve it within your own session both on SA-EDSY and EDSY. If you edit someone else’s build, it originated within SA-EDSY and will only be available to you from within SA.

In addition to copying shortlinks for ship builds, you can back up the SLEF code using the orange download link. Whether within or outwith SA-EDSY, its recommended you keep a backup of your ship builds within a text file as if you lose your cookies or change computers, you’ll lose your builds.