A while back, I decided to start keeping a logbook in the spirit of getting the most out of this game. I’ve lost interest in most other gaming these days but something about the complexity and vastness of Elite, coupled with nostalgia from having loved the BBC version and missed everything in between, captivates me.

I don’t know if anybody would ever read it but I decided to start it with a summary of my achievements so far on Inara. I ended up getting frustrated with the effort required to host pictures and didn’t get much further. When the idea for SA started to form, it hadn’t occurred to me when I started to build the website how suitable it would be for blogging. When the thought arose, I decided to make the site a resource for CMDRs to write their blogs/logbooks/diaries and use it for roleplaying. I’m really proud of how its turned out.

I’ve rewritten this a little bit to give other CMDRs ideas on how they can work on their blogs. This post, for example is written in the simple “Block Editor” which WordPress provides. You can see it provides a very simple, text-only post; suitably boring enough for my first blog post which was just a potted history of where I had been in the game up to June 2019.

Take a look at my other posts to see how you can make blogs more advanced and elegant to look at.

Here’s my original “getting started” post as it appeared on Inara.

  • started in approx June 2018
  • got my sidey and foolishly spent my 100 Frontier points making it pink
  • started doing little bits of trade and missions, learning how to do SRV runs for data, black box collecting and trading but really had little idea of what I was doing
  • I joined the Fatherhood squadron quite early on in the game but as I was very inexperienced, wasn’t really able to contribute much except sass
  • early on I bought a Hauler, and started working on a database that helped me link up data jobs and deliveries so I could do multiple drops at single stations and be more efficient; this allowed me to buy a Cobra which I started trying to outfit for combat
  • having run a couple of wing missions with the Fatherhood against pirates I realized I was in no way ready for combat. I bought a Viper MkIV but the experience was the same
  • in early June I started trying to fly out to Colonia in my Hauler and although I ranked up to Surveyor in Exploration and started getting the hang of data, I realized I was in no way ready for deep space travel
  • I continued to trade and moved to the Hajangai system in July 2018 (Fatherhood space) and slowly started to get the hang of some things
  • in August 2018 I took a break from the game, frustrated and lured by Persona 5 and RDR2, I did not return until Feb 2019 or so.
  • in Feb I got the urge to start again and started doing more trade. I bought a Type 9 Heavy and perhaps unusually, this was when the game started to take shape for me and really grip me

I was suddenly able to do 7.5m trade runs, which allowed me to start outfitting my T9. I was avoiding interdictions and learning to escape if I had been. Slowly I built the T9 into a real beast, capable of fighting off most pirates below Master. I still really wanted to get into combat and bought a FDL, with the goal to engineer it in the background.

  • March 2019: I also bought an AspX and set it up for longer-distance flight. I started heading out around the engineers, learnt to gather materials and data, and got it up to a 60ly range. With this ship I was able to start flying further, and I attempted another little run towards Colonia, this time making it 5,000ly before deciding I needed an AFMU
  • Apr 2019: on my return to the bubble I started getting more involved in the Fatherhood again, contributing to BGS missions and trade goals
  • May 2019: with the money from the trade goals, I started building up my ship fleet and achieved my first Elite in Trade.
  • I bought a few Pythons, outfitting for general missions, mining, passenger missions, combat and trade
  • between trade stints I flew the AspX out collecting mats, unlocking engineers, and using it to fly to remote shipyards and place ships there to accomplish particular goals – a passenger Python at Robigo, a small trade ship in Cubeo, etc
  • I bought an Anaconda and started dragging it and the FDL from engineer to engineer, applying experimental effects
  • I was really starting to learn about outfitting and engineering, getting better at neutron jumping, mapping and really starting to be able to enjoy the game
  • I started flying in Open more often, battling or fleeing from NPC and PC pirates and achieving Mostly Harmless in combat purely in the T9 
  • I learnt to Opal mine and started working towards my first billion
  • with my Anaconda close to being ready for use, and my FDL not far behind, I took a break from trade with a goal to start unlocking all the engineers and Prismatic Shields
  • I flew out to Cubeo and dumped enough of the media materials to hit rank 4 instantly
  • I flew to Robigo and ran passenger missions as my Fed rank had already gotten quite high, with a view to unlocking the Fed ships
  • and while I await the tick for Prismatic Shields, I am working on my Imperial rank flying passenger missions around the Cubeo region in a Beluga Liner

So as of June 2019 I’m all synced up with Inara and EDSM, the Fatherhood are doing well in BGS and trade rank and I’m proud to have played a decent part in both goals.

My game goals are now as follows; I know this will take a long time but I’m enjoying having a plan and chipping away at it.

  • Imperial rank from Serf to Duke
  • Fed Rank from Post Commander to Rear Admiral
  • heavy trade for the Fatherhood goal and to start building up my funds again
  • maintain Rank 4 with Aisling Duval and unlock Prismatic Shields
  • unlocking the remaining engineers and guardian sites
  • once the trade season ends, start to undertake combat missions & activities in the FDL and Anaconda, taking breaks to engineer them more fully
  • work towards Elite in Combat, learning all about it and applying those lessons to:
  • fully engineer my FDL and Anaconda
  • replace my T9 with a Cutter for even better safer trading
  • outfit a Corvette for battle
  • Once these goals are accomplished I’m not sure what further the game will offer. I look forward to finding out. I’m sure there will be more updates and content to come and expect these goals to take a year or two.