The Guardians were an alien humanoid species. Their Ancient Ruins were first discovered in the Synuefe XR-H D11-102 system on October 27, 3302 by CMDR XDeath. Visiting these ruins provides materials and data that Commanders can use to unlock advanced equipment and weaponry. This guide will take you through it.

This guide is gonna walk you through obtaining all the rare materials and data you need for every single one of the meta “required” Guardian items.  You can use it just to grab a single item if you’re so inclined, or knock it all out in a single session. That said the lore behind the Guardian Sites is some of the best story-telling FDev have ever brought to the galaxy, and there is a lot that results from this session, so we will link out to some interesting titbits as well; if you view it just as a grind, you’re missing out.


This is all the stuff you’ll need before you set off.

A ship with a decent jump range; check out our Taxis for suggested builds. If you’re doing vessels, fit a cheap laser (anything).

An SRV bay within that ship; best to take 2 x SRVs; as accidents do happen.

A little materials gathering so you can synth fuel and ammo is also wise – you need Sulphur and Phosphorous for fuel and ammo, and Iron and Nickel for hull repairs to the SRV.

Point Defence turrets, on upper utility mounts on your ship. These will shoot down Sentinel missiles for you.


You don’t have to do all of these, you can do more, you can do less. But following this guide will unlock for you the following items, deemed to be the best and most useful:

M & S Gauss Cannon
Hull Reinforcement Package
Module Reinforcement Package
Shield Reinforcement Package
Guardian FSD Booster
XG9 Lance Fighter
L Shard Cannon
Guardian Power Plant
Guardian Power Distributor


Most people will want the Guardian FSD booster as its the most useful for any discipline within Elite. So lets start with your module blueprints.

Input the following destination into your ship’s computer:

Head for Planet B 3, and the Guardian Structure

Once in the system (remembering to honk each system for data as you pass through on the way), you’ll head for Planet B3, and the Guardian Structure.

Landing Site

We want to land as close to the structure as possible, so our Point Defence turrets will shoot down enemy missiles. Here you can see a view taken from the approximate position you want to land at, which is shown more clearly on the map below; approximate co-ordinates are: -34.8398, 132.8927.


Below you’ll see a map of the site, with a compass to get your bearings. The main structure of the site is to the right hand side or “east” of this map and is marked with “start”.


(A) -34.8373 // 132.8925

(B) -34.8324 // 132.8886

(X) -34.8332 // 132.8939


(START) -34.8306 // 132.8987

(C) -34.8305 // 132.8963

(D) -34.8334 // 132.9000


Head to the Start

Here’s a view from the SRV with Night Vision on, showing the location of my ship, the ruins running left-to-right. We’re basically going to head exactly where the turret is pointing, to the centre of the ruins, point X.

Inside the Ruins

Once you get inside the ruins, you’ll arrive at the approximate centre, or point X on the map. As highlighted here, you’ll see a small triangle in the ground at co-ordinates -34.8332, 132.8939.

This is the base of a Pylon, and we’ll be activating 6 of those to energise the main structure. We’re now gonna head to the main structure, marked Start on the map, at a heading of 60º from this centre point.

Before heading up to the main structure you may want to check your controls for putting on your handbrake, switching to turret mode, and firing, as we’ll be engaging enemy Sentinels next.


Drive to the Start Pylon

You can either use your SRV’s boost function to hop up the “steps” to the main structure or drive around the side and up the hill as shown here.

Raise the Start Pylon

As you approach the pylon, it will rise from the ground as shown here.

As it rises, 2 Sentinels will attack you.

3 pips each to SYS & WEP and put your handbrake on, you’ll see the missiles being shot down by your ships point defence as you enter turret mode and shoot down the Sentinels.


Fighting the Sentinels

The Sentinels are easy to fight. You’re going to be fighting approx 20 per round. As long as you put your pips to SYS & WEP, and keep your handbrake on to help keep you stationery if the occasional missile gets past your point defence, you’ll be fine. Remember to put pips back to ENG if you need to when driving about.

In this first case its worth coming down the central “steps” a little as the Sentinels spawn quite far away; just don’t get too close to the next pylon until you’re ready.

Locate and Trigger the Remaining Pylons

We’re now going to tour the site, and trigger the pylons (make them rise from the ground), killing off the Sentinels. We’re not going to activate the pylons yet, til we get our bearings; there is also a lot of materials gathering to do here. So first lets head straight down the central “steps” where we fought the Sentinels to position X on the map, -34.8332, 132.8939 co-ordinates and raise that Pylon.


We’re now going to tour the remainder of the site; and as you travel you’ll note the following items:


On the angled triangular pillars, are 3 destructable panels. These drop components and you’ll need lots of these, so shoot all that you see.


Both the Sentinels and the Destructive panels drop these. Cargo bay open, target and collect everything as you go.


You’ll also note Ancient Relic towers emerging from the ground. Shooting these will give you a Guardian Relic. You’ll want to collect one of these as you go, ignoring Urns, Tablets etc.


Beside pylons A, B, C and D are obelisks. You can select these and scan them for data. You don’t need to change to Analysis Mode.


So now its time to visit our remaining 4 pylons A, B, C and D, farming as many destructible panels as we can on the way.


This one is situated right near the suggested parking spot, so by your ship, or at -34.8373, 132.8925.

Its going to spawn a Sentinel, so make sure you’re not too close to the ship to deactivate your turret.

It’s obelisk is just in front of it and to the left, as shown here, so scan it for data.


Heading straight “north” at 330 degrees will take you to Pylon B at -34.8324, 132.8886.

It’s obelisk is just in front and to the right of it as shown.

Like all pylons when triggered you’ll get 1 or 2 Sentinels. Get used to it.


From B, travelling on a heading of about 60º will take you to Pylon C, tucked in against the “steps” we travelled down earlier at -34.8305, 132.8963.

It’s obelisk is a little further in front of the direction it points as shown here.


Finally, head “south” at 150º and across the steps to the final pylon, at -34.8334, 132.9000.

It’s obelisk is set a little further away to the “south-east” as shown in the picture here, at -34.8334, 132.8998.

Activate the Pylons

You’ll now want to shoot each pylon in the centre as shown, to cause them to charge up and send a. beam of light into the sky. Repeat this for all 6 pylons, making sure to put 3 pips to WEP and SYS, as igniting the final pylon will spawn 4 Sentinels. You’ll probably have to travel the map a little to kill them, so do that, and collect the materials they drop, then return to the Start position in front of the main structure, ensuring you’ve got your Guardian Relic.

X Marks the Spot

Return to the Main structure. Park up on the X as shown here, and jettison your Relic.

Scan the Datapoint

The orb that emerges can be scanned using your Data Link Scanner to obtain your Guardian Module blueprint.





You’ve now got your first Guardian Module Blueprint. Watch the video below if you want, then log out and back in to repeat the steps as many times as you require (see our checklist below the video).


If you’re looking to obtain all the suggested items, you’re going to need do do this 5 more times. This time round, you can activate the pylons as you trigger them, but don’t forget to collect components; this is the shortlist of everything you’ll need to collect at these sites:

Guardian Module Blueprint Segment 6
Guardian Power Cell 105
Guardian Power Conduits 50
Guardian Sentinel Weapon Parts 33
Guardian Technology Component 114
Guardian Vessel Blueprint Segment 1
Guardian Weapon Blueprint Segment 3
Guardian Wreckage Components 71
Pattern Alpha 20
Pattern Beta 16
Pattern Delta 24
Pattern Epsilon 68
Pattern Gamma 16

You’ll be able to collect more at the next 2 sites on our travels, and we’ll show you a trick to catch up on data at the end of the tutorial. Once you’re ready, you can move onto the next section, the Guardian Weapon Blueprints.