The sole survivor of the notorious Project Seraph experiments has reportedly appeared at the Aegis symposium, startling the live audience.
Vox Galactica journalist Allan Mantle published an on-the-scene report:
“The shouting caught everyone in the conference hall by surprise, interrupting a discussion about the recently leaked ‘Thargoid roar’ heard at HIP 22460. We all watched in amazement as a small figure in dishevelled clothing slipped past security and fought her way onto the stage, disarming several guards who sought to intervene. Many ran, fearing an attack, but Professor Alba Tesreau stood her ground.”
“The bedraggled woman yelled hoarsely that her name was Seo Jin-ae, adding ‘You know me!’ to Tesreau herself. When the intruder yanked up her sleeve as if to show something, I deployed my drone cameras which clearly captured the symbols ‘D-2’ ink-branded onto her forearm.”
“She then grabbed Professor Tesreau and said ‘I don’t know where else to go. I know…’ She gestured at the screens, where audio analysis of the HIP 22460 Thargoid sound was displayed. ‘I think I know what that means. It’s too late to stop what’s coming.'”
“Tesreau immediately ordered security to stand down. She called several other former members of Aegis to help, and together they escorted the woman off stage. Within minutes came the announcement that the symposium’s primary presentation was cancelled, with secondary talks would be moved to the main stage.”
Subject D-2 first came to light when the abandoned settlement Oaken Point was discovered in the HIP 26176 system. Its logs described Project Seraph’s attempts to create human pilots for Thargoid vessels, from which D-2 escaped by stowing away on a courier’s ship. In June, D-2 contacted Professor Tesreau to expose an INRA base in the DG Canum Venaticorum system, which revealed Salvation’s identity as Dr Caleb Wycherley of then-Azimuth Biochemicals.