This page will simply scrape the surface of what’s out there. PVE, PVP, Anti-Xeno, there are so many combinations that its hard to provide a Fighter page. Nonetheless these are good starting points and you are able to share builds and discuss tactics on the site, so be sure to hit up the Tags and Categories for more builds – or publish your own!


Get started with a Viper. In the right hands, its too fast and maneuverable to hit for the big ships, and with some skill, it will hold its own against the big 3. It’ll serve you well for merits and CZ too.


The Python is not only the best mid-range trader, its a ship you can use for virtually any activity in Elite. Make it your focus; this ship will take you anywhere you want to go.


The Type-9 is the biggest-hauling ship in the game. While it can be done more elegantly and safely in Imperial ships, the Type 9 is perfectly defensive and great for Powerplay and general moneymaking.