The Thargoids’ resistance to the Proteus Wave in HIP 22460 has prompted discussion among academics in the field of xenology.
Professor Shamus Madigan of Olympus Village University published a paper in the scientific journal The Empirical, which included this extract:
“The Thargoids newly observed defence against a man-made superweapon, and their subsequent aggression, suggests a direct response to our tactics. Not only have they upgraded their technology, but also their behaviour has altered. Humanity is now a problem that must be dealt with.”
The Imperial Science Academy’s director of xenological studies, Ivano Colombera, responded to a press query with:
“My hypothesis is that the Thargoids’ ability to disrupt Guardian technology was first conceived millions of years ago during the Guardian/Thargoid conflict, and only now have they sought to redeploy it against our hybrid modules. Nevertheless, my division has been ordered to focus on developing practical countermeasures.”
Dr Jeong-Hui Shin, a senior member of the Holloway Bioscience Institute, outlined her viewpoint via the Rewired network:
“We should not assume that the Thargoids have consciously adapted to us, or even register us as an intelligent life-form. We may be no more than parasites to them. Perhaps their vessels are responding like biomechanical ‘antibodies’, automatically fighting against a particularly virulent strain of human infection in HIP 22460.”