The Enzyme Missile Rack is a dumbfire missile rack that can be unlocked through a Technology Broker. The missiles cause low damage on impact, but are tipped with Thargoid-derived enzymes that corrode the target’s hull over time via a caustic burn effect. When launched, dumbfire missiles will travel in a straight line in the direction of the HUD crosshairs and remain on that path until they detonate or are destroyed.

The Enzyme Missile Rack effectively adds a Corrosive Shell effect to the standard Missile Rack. Explosive damage is only 10% of the damge done by a fixed Missile Rack, however, meaning effectively the corrosive effect is all that is left. 

Dumbfire (non-guided) missiles do explosive damage. When launched they will follow the HUD crosshairs they impact on the target or are destroyed by collision, weapon fire, or a Point Defence Turret. Dumbfire missiles travel faster and inflict more damage than seeker missiles, and are most effective against the unshielded hulls of ships.


The Enzyme Missile Rack can be permanently unlocked for purchase by providing the following Materials to a Human Technology Broker: