The Enforcer Cannon is a multi-cannon capable of dealing higher damage at the cost of a lower rate of fire. Despite the low rate of fire, a significant barrel spin-up time is required. This weapon type is power-specific for Simguru Pranav Antal supporters.

It is available in class 1 Fixed format only.

The Enforcer Cannon in comparison to a class 1 fixed MC, has a 56% reduced Rate of Fire (ROF) and 145% Damage Per Second (DPS).

Its range is very long at 4500m, with Damage Falloff slightly shorter than the MC at 1800m. You must hold Rank 3 with Simguru Pranav Antal; see our <Powerplay Guide> for hints on how to quickly gain rank.

Recommended Configuration

With a clip size of only 60 rounds compared to the 1F MC’s 100, the faster shot speed of 1,800m/s (compared to 1,600) means despite the slower rate of fire, more damage will be dealt in almost the same time with higher range. This means that the Enforcer does situationally beat the 1F especially in the case of fleeing ships. Against enemies who are likely to flee out of range to recharge stripped shields, or for piracy or bounty-hunting in small ships the Enforcer is a good bet in your class 1 slots.