The quickest way to farm encoded data is to visit CMDR Jameson’s crash site.


The crashed Cobra Mk III of ill-fated CMDR John Jameson can be found in the HIP 12099 system on planet 1B -54.3803, -50.3575.

If you don’t know how to find planetary bearings, use the Planetary Bearing Calculator or our tutorial. You can also locate the site by doing a surface scan.

The way to farm this is to drive to the rear of the crashed Cobra, roughly in line with the right exhaust (as you look at it from the rear).

Once placed, you can scan all 4 data points, re-log in a different instance, and scan again. Total time is about 30-40 minutes to max out.



You will need:

  • a ship with a decent jump range and/or Guardian FSD booster
  • a fuel scoop (especially if you’re taking a combat ship to quickly mop up materials)
  • an SRV bay
  • no cargo space – materials don’t take up inventory


Before you depart, if you have any Grade 2-4 data, its worth trading it down for Grade 1 materials. Keep your G5s. Skip onwards if you just need a refresher….

Detailed analysis:

From the Jameson site, you’ll obtain the following materials:

Adaptive Encryptors Capture (Encryption Files G5)
Atypical Encryption Archives (Encryption Files G4)
Cracked Industrial Firmware (Encoded Firmware G3)
Modified Consumer Firmware (Encoded Firmware G2)

These come in the rough proportions: 100:85:25:25. So you’ll be filling up on the G5s pretty quickly, and its debatable whether its worth continuing to fill up on the G4s. Its certainly not worth rescanning for G3/2s, so you’re best to bounce and trade once your G4/G5 bins are filled.

You therefore want to make efficient trades within these rows, to empty the databanks for the files you’re going to gather.

You really should spend some time ensuring you know what data you require so you can make the most efficient trades. But if you are just generally topping up, remember that trading up is less efficient than trading down, and trading between categories is less efficient. Changing both rarity and category is even more punitive.

Therefore trade your materials away either horizontally to the left, or vertically up and down to the next lowest grade, until the banks are empty.

Quick Method:
Trade for banks in which you are low/empty, either same row to the left, or one column to the left in other rows. Good if you intend multiple trips to completely max out your data.

Best Method:
Get your ships planned out first, so you know exactly the trades you need to make using the Inara Missing Components service.

Back-of-Envelope Method
If you’re in a rush, you can make these trades if you know roughly what you are collecting for. Note the Decoded Emission data for Tiana Fortune.

Adaptive Encryptors Capture (G5)
These are the primary items you want, as they are G5. I suggest you max out these, then do another couple of rounds, collecting a few more of the G4 Atypical Encryption Archives. They are not hugely useful on their own, mainly for fast scan mods to kill warrant scanners, manifest scanners etc. But just remember it takes ~10 mins to get 100 of them which you can trade away for 16 of any other G5 or 50 of any other G4, and you would not get those within 10 mins.

Trade the G5 AECs away for:

Abnormal Compact Emissions Data – useful for long range sensors and clean thrusters
Classified Scan Fragments – only for wide angle/expanded arc on interdictors
Datamined Wake Exceptions – for long range FSD drives
Modified Embedded Firmware – get at least 50 of these held for Overcharged cannons/mcs/lasers


Aberrant Shield Pattern Analysis – for kinetic/blast/thermal Shield Boosters
Decoded Emission data – 50 for Tiana Fortune, approx 15 more held for long range scanners/sensors
Divergent Scan Data – you should have a lot of these from generalised Wake Scanning; but if you don’t, you’ll only need them for wide angle scanners/sensors
Eccentric Hyperspace Trajectories – you should have a lot of these from generalised Wake Scanning; but if you don’t, you’ll want 15 or so for your Long Range FSDs.
Security Firmware Patch – hold approx 10 of these for double shot frag cannons

Atypical Encryption Archives (G4)
You’ll want approx 15 of these max for engineering scanners as per the G5s above. Trade excess AEAs for other G4s and G3s such as the G4s listed above, or 

Classified Scan Databanks – again you’ll likely have some of these and they aren’t too necessary except for focused distros, or long range/wide angle scanners – stack 15 or so
Open Symmetric Keys – hold about 25 of these for long range/fast scan interdictors/scanners
Strange Wake Solutions – best got from Wake Scanning, you’ll only need these for FSD range so get 15 or so if you don’t already have them
Unexpected Emission Data – for efficient lasers or cannons, you’ll want 50 or so of these
Untypical Shield Scans – aim for about 100 of these for various Shield Booster & Shield Generator mods

Cracked Industrial Firmware (G3)
These are quite useful and will fill up slowly. For combat ships you’ll want about 100 in your banks. If you get full and need to trade them away, trade them for other G3s and G2s such as:

Irregular Emission Data
Unexpected Emission Data
Untypical Shield Scans (used for Super Capacitors)

Modified Consumer Firmware (G2)
Again you’ll use approx 75 of these if you are building combat ships; they are used in almost all weapons manufacture, so hang onto about 100. If you get full and want to trade away, trade for other G2s and G1s such as:

 Irregular Emission Data
Distorted Shield Cycle Recordings (used for Heavy Duty Shield Boosters)


Although the ground is quite uneven very close to the site, there is a spot just to the NW (from the Jameson cockpit). If your ship and Jameson’s are at right-angles like this, both facing an imaginary spot forming an equilateral triangle, you should find it.




Once parked, you should be able to target all Comms Controls from your LHS Target Panel. Or aim for the read flashing lights. If you can’t see them all in the LHS panel, try looking at the one on the left-hand “hill” – if you can access that you should see the rest.


Target, switch to turret, lock on, analyse with L1, turret off, rotate.


Once you get positioning right you can just do them all in turret mode without coming out. You’ll likely get hopped and jumped a couple times on login but once you are in a routine, this is a piece of cake.




Certainly you’ll rinse and repeat a few sessions here. If you then wish to go and trade your data, flip out to  Ray Gateway in Diaguandri, follow the tips above or simply trade down until you’re maxed.


Don’t forget if you are doing this over and over, to get the 50 Decoded Emission Data to unlock Tiana Fortune.


Also once you’ve done all your trading and are happy with your data, you should probably clear our your G5 & G4 bins for Encryption files, swing by once more and just max out on AECs and AEAs. That way if down the line you’re short for something, you’ve got a stockpile of high-level data to trade for whatever you need.




Whether you don’t fancy grinding this, have other items you need that will come faster another method, or simply want to try something else, there are plenty of other ways to farm encoded data.