The Artificers Clan has begun to retrofit the generation ship Golconda into a fully operational modern vessel.
Jonathon Forester, former captain of the vacated 22nd-century craft, provided a statement to Vox Galactica:
“When the dredger clan first arrived in the Upaniklis system, we feared they had come to salvage the Golconda. Instead, to our surprise, they’ve initiated engineering work on it: reinforcing the ship’s structural integrity, repairing damaged components, and installing modern engines and navigational systems. Yet the decks where our community previously lived remains untouched.”
“The Artificers didn’t request permission to do this, which upset many of us. But today we received a message expressing a strange, child-like excitement at finding what they called a ‘dead-hulk’, and their determination to ‘revive’ it for us. With their incredible skills, it’s possible that the Golconda could become spaceworthy again within weeks.”
“This has prompted a huge debate among my people. Should we return to our old home? Some have grown accustomed to the benefits of living at this outpost. Others believe we should resume journeying between the stars, as our ancestors did for centuries.”
“Many are looking to me for leadership, and I must admit to finding such a decision hard. I thought the Golconda was our history, but perhaps it still holds our future.”