*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*
A battle in the Popontia system has ended with Federal forces overwhelming defenders of the True Chapters sect.
The newly risen sect of the Order of the Far God was being protected by the Workers of Popontia Free, which was ultimately defeated. Governor Nadia Machado of the Popontia Incorporated announced:
“With the welcome support of auxiliaries and independent pilots, armed resistance in this system has been quelled. As per President Hudson’s orders, the Thargoid worshippers will be detained and the megaship Dedicant seized for Federal investigation.”
Governor Machado added that all pilots who took part in the operation can now collect their rewards from Ryman Market. Despite its failure, the Workers of Popontia Free is also offering payments from Ryman Market.
The two remaining Far God megaships, the Testament and the Perdition, have abandoned their scheduled itineraries and jumped to unknown locations to avoid further strikes by Federal forces. Prior to this, the First Apostle transmitted a message from the Testament:
“This attempt to conceal the truth is doomed to fail. The Far God’s harbingers blaze in our skies, growing ever nearer. We await the time of humanity’s unavoidable extinction.”