The Cytoscrambler is a power-specific Burst Laser that is very effective against Shields but ineffective against armour. The Cytoscrambler is a close range laser available only in Class 1, Fixed mount. This weapon is power-specific for Archon Delaine supporters.

While on first examination the Cytoscrambler may look like a waste of a slot, it has a 60% increased Rate of Fire (ROF) and 109% more damage over the 1F Fixed Burst Laser, leading to 236%, or a little over double, Damage Per Second (DPS).

Its range is only 1000m, and its Armour Piercing Rating 1, so only 5% damage is dealt against hulls. You must hold Rank 3 with Archon Delaine; see our <Powerplay Guide> for hints on how to quickly gain rank. 

Recommended Configuration

As you can only employ the Cytoscrambler in a Size 1 Fixed Hardpoint, and it has high Jitter, its ineffective against smaller ships as there isn’t enough surface area to go around. However the double DPS means that in a small slot it offers some of the best thermic damage against M/L ships. As it has very little increased load on Power Distributors, it can be a very effective replacement for Burst Lasers if you are intending to battle larger ships in a small, manoeuvrable craft.